Power inverter FAQs

1. Why just bought an inverter multimeter test voltage of less than 200V?
Company factory inverters have been rigorously tested, the output voltage is in the range of 220V ± 15V, the output waveform is a square wave correction. When you need to measure this parameter, you should use accurate RMS (TRMS multimeter) instrument measuring. The measured values than ordinary multimeter TRMS multimeter measured voltage and low 30-40V or so.
2 .Why 300W inverter comes with two power cords?
Company produced 300W inverter power cord supplied with two kinds of cigar head there is a line in the car with the use of small power electrical (power less than 150W) when used it; the other is red and black wire clip in the car When using electrical appliances used outside, please pay attention to electrical power is less than 240W, if greater than 240W, please use high-power inverter.
3 .digital inverter with appliances why sometimes displayed power value, and sometimes displayed as "0"?
When our use of electrical power is very small, digital power inverter display is "0" is normal.
4 .hanfong inverters use what precautions?
① vehicle voltage and voltage to be consistent with product identification;
② positive and negative can not be reversed;
③ with electrical power can not exceed the inverter continuous output power;
④ attention to ventilation and cooling products;
⑤ If you connect using an inverter in the car hit the car keys to open position;
⑥ Please read carefully before using the product manual.
5 .Why just bought a 150W inverter can not start the laptop?
① cigar in contact with the car cigarette lighter insecure;
② car keys did not hit open position;
③ The notebook computer power is greater than the required start-starting power inverter.
6 .Why inverter with appliances, the fan does not work?
When electrical power inverter rated power less than 1/3 of the fan is not working is normal.
7. How to buy an inverter?
Under normal circumstances with the electrical input power (with the input voltage on the electrical identification * Input current) is less than the output power of the inverter can be sustained, individual cases to consider starting power.
8 .Why just bought an inverter with appliances, red light has been flashing?
① Start with the electrical power required is too large;
② with electrical power far greater than the output power of the inverter;
③ with electrical short circuit;
④ are using battery power is low or the battery capacity is too small.
9 .Why change the face of adversity just bought 150W laptop starts flashing red light when the alarm (replaced several cars result is the same, but you can crank the line)?
① caused by lack of battery power;
② Product undervoltage alarm.
10 .Using the inverter when the audio system or radio interference?
General For a stereo system, a power amplifier and FM radio within the power system configuration filtering system is not enough, when using our inverters, it will emit a slight hum. The only solution is to assemble a quality audio products better filter.
11. inverter television signal interference?
Our inverter with isolation protection devices to the television signal interference is minimized. But if the TV signal is weak, the interference signal will be on the TV screen in the form of a bellows or a snowflake. The following methods can be used to achieve or reduce interference:
① Increase TV, antenna and battery, and the distance between the converter;
② conditioning TV antenna, cable TV lines and the position between the converters to position optimization;
③ can be used, and a better quality antenna isolation system to maximize the antenna cable television signal enhancement;
④ can add the product ring.
12. Cheng network load inverter for what?
Division I is a modified square wave inverter products, products with the usual sine vary. Mainly resistive load is applied to the low-power capacitive, inductive load can choose to use.


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